Social Security Disability Benefits, Disability Pension, etc. etc.

Just some thoughts here because sometimes we overlook the obvious:

  • Did she have Short Term Disability insurance?

  • Long Term Disability, Insurance, or Life Insurance?

  • Did your mortgage have a rider policy in case something happened like this?

  • Did she ever get one of those Credit Card policies that cover you if you can’t pay your bills because of something like this?

  • Have you gone to the Social Security Office and Applied for SSDI?

  • Have you gone to your State or County’s Health and Human Services Departments to see what funds might be available?

These are just some things that though basic, may have been overlooked because of everything else that’s going on.

Making these applications is difficult. Very, very difficult. As encephalitis is so very unknown and misunderstood, it seems to fall between the cracks when one is attempting to qualify for any type of government benefit or pension. It is VERY anticipated to be refused once, or even twice, before achieving qualification.

While struggling to qualify for benefits/pension, one must remain very intimately aware of their losses, and their in capabilities. It’s difficult to look forward while remaining closely focused on the past.