All Board Members and staff are volunteer.

Board of Directors

Wendy Station

Wendy lives in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada and is the Founder and President of Encephalitis Global.   She survived HSE in 1999 and now shares information and support on a daily basis.  One of her goals is to have encephalitis survivors and caregivers know that they are not alone.

Ingrid Guerci

Ingrid lives in White Plains, New York USA and is the Treasurer of Encephalitis Global.  She survived HSE in 1995.  When the first encephalitis email exchange support group in North America was abandoned, Ingrid took the reins and developed “Encephgroup” a Yahoo discussion forum.

Dale D. Hunter, Ph.D., J.D.

Dale is an Encephalitis Global Board Member and is also a Board Member of the Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy SREAT Alliance.  He survived HSE in 2009 and another bout of encephalitis soon thereafter.  Dr. Hunter is currently a senior research scientist at SUNY Upstate Medical University.  He has lived in many locations throughout the United States, and now resides in Syracuse, New York USA.


Volunteer Consultants

Judith Ashton

Judith lives in Boston, Massachusetts USA and is Clerk for Encephalitis Global, handling and maintaining our status as a USA non-profit organization. Judith survived West Nile Encephalitis in 2002.

Elaine Dowell, MBE

Elaine is the founder of the Encephalitis Society in the UK and was responsible for the development of their information resources over 18 years.  In 2014 she was presented with an MBE by Prince Charles.  Elaine resides in York, North Yorkshire UK and is an active Consultant to Encephalitis Global.

Patricia Hopps, Ph.D.

Patricia is a licensed psychologist in the state of Utah, USA.  She was a valuable speaker at our FACES 2015 Encephalitis Conference and looks forward to further helping us raise awareness.  Patricia had encephalitis in 2000.