Learn the impact of encephalitis from the people it has touched

Whether you were diagnosed with encephalitis yesterday, last month or 10 years ago, people touched by encephalitis need answers. Need compassion. Need the healing comfort of talking with someone who understands.

You may be a caregiver. You may be a survivor. Or you may be grieving the loss of a loved one to encephalitis. Whatever your circumstance, you do not need to be alone with this ruthless disease and its aftermath. You are welcome to join us. You are welcome to become a part of Encephalitis Global’s Discussion Forum at

Here’s what the experience at the Inspire Forum offers:

  • A welcome by one of our board members

  • Should you choose, the option to stay anonymous

  • The opportunity to share your story, pose a question or just browse the postings

  • While our membership is global, you can search for, and connect with, others in your region

  • Our support community includes those dealing with all types of encephalitis

  • The opportunity to share and learn from others about therapies, treatments and medications that work

  • Having a bad “E-day”? Vent if you need to and you are likely to get words of encouragement and suggested coping strategies

  • Make friends. Build relationships. Connect with others.

To begin your journey with Encephalitis Global’s Discussion Forum click HERE.

Encephalitis Global’s Inspire Forum is the largest online global support network on the topic of encephalitis in the world.  Encephalitis Global has welcomed an average of 500 new members each year since the Forum’s inception in June 2007.